Get Your Land Ready for Construction

Come to us for excavation and land grading services

Before you can break ground on a new construction project, you need to make sure your land is fully prepared. That's where Local Underground, LLC comes in. You can hire us to level out your land, excavate where necessary and take care of all the initial concrete work for your build. We have a team of professionals on staff who are ready to handle any project you throw our way.

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Depend on us for your next project

Depend on us for your next project

Preparing your property for new construction is just as important as the building process itself. Our team is available for…

  • Land grading, flattening out the land for even construction
  • Excavation, removing excess dirt to prepare for your building
  • Concrete flatwork, including the initial foundation pouring

If you have any questions about our services, let us know by calling 319-200-8678 today. You’ll speak directly with a team member who can go over the details with you.